Thursday, September 30, 2010


last night i got all the plastic bits prepped and painted
Dot 4 ready for paint
Dot 6 OH WORD!!!
even painted a t-shirt
Dot 5 painting a t-shirt
i made a barf patch
and some ears

another test fit

final assembly
Dot done
Dot's can

next update after the party

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Tamara and I are attending the Highlights illustrator's party this coming weekend and there is a costume party. I decided a while ago that i was going to be Barf.

it would have been pretty simple for Tam to grab an old white dress and go as Princess Vespa, but i was worried she'd run off with Lonestar if he showed up. Plus who likes easy?

the party is saturday so today at 6:00pm i started to hack together a Dot Matrix costume.

I started by carving up some foam to rough out the forms.
I was going for general likeness, not really enough time for exact copies.
Dot 1 carving foam

then i vacuum formed some styrene sheet over the positives to make the actual costume parts.

Dot 2 vac form styrene

We cut up some flat sheet and riveted the edges together to get the skirt started and this is where we ended up at 11 pm.

Dot 3 starting to look good

Saturday, September 25, 2010

alternative air strikes again

Both Tamara in the super beetle and Kim in the ami8 took trophies at the whiskey cafe tonight. Also present were, the ami6 and Ron Straub with his amazing Tatra 603 (air-cooled v8), more pictures after i get them off the camera but for now here are the happy winners.

Beetle trophy win

Alternative air trophy win

more images from the show:

the winners



the whole crew
the gangs all here

playing with some funny lenses
ami 6
ami 6

ami 6
ami 6

other stuff

Monday, September 20, 2010

Alternative Air!!!

This weekend we attended the All air-cooled gathering at the swim and sport club in Flanders, NJ.
It was a fun show with a lot of great people, thanks to the
Central Jersey Volkswagen society for organizing the show.

Kim met us at our house at 7:30 so the ami6 and ami8 could travel together.

The view from the Ami8

on the fun and winding road in to the SSC

When we arrived the organizers didn't know how to class us or where to put us, so they had us park in the Corvair coral, fortunately the only corvair in attendance was parked on a trailer in the vendor area. Our class was later changed to "Alternative Air"


we happily accepted the company of a Honda 600 and a fellow citroen owner with a GS in to our new class.
ford 600 coupe
citroen gs

Although our class was small it was still exciting to see the Amis take first and second (6 first, 8 second)

first and second in class

I guess there were a few other interesting cars at the show.

some early
early bus

early beetle

some late
2003 edition
2003 fuel injected engine

some fast

some slow
some clean

some dirty

some things


some WTF?

little hummer

hummer engine?

more pics