Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mounting the coil

This weekend i wanted to get rid of the ugly yellow Harley Davidson coil that was violating the engine compartment of my Ami 6 but when i dug through the box of parts that came with the car i found that i only had 1 functioning coil mount. Normally i would have used a bunch of high tech software and machinery to clone the piece. But it was a holiday weekend and i didn't feel like putting on shoes and driving to the office so i made do with what i had in the garage.


oh no, only one functioning mount
on no... need a new primary mount

first i carved out a crude mold from a chunk of wax
crude ass mold

then i poured in some two part resin

the resulting part was not pretty
that looks gross

but with a little carving, sanding and massaging i was going to be able to get pretty close
a little more shaping needed

the original mount
original primary mount

the home made version
home made primary mount

mounted and inplace
naked nose

after getting the coil in, i wanted to check the points gap and set the timing.
It's nice that the points are located conveniently behind the cooling fan.
points and condensor located conveniently behind the fan

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