Tuesday, October 19, 2010

planes trains and automobiles

On Saturday October 16th i got up at 4am and drove to the long term parking lot at Newark airport. I got on a bus and headed for the terminal, i took a 5 hour flight to LA where i had a 3 hour layover. I have never been to lax before but the terminal arrangement required that we take a bus from the terminal to the plane. Next a 15 hour flight on cthay pacific to hong kong, the plane was actually pretty amazing and i slept most of the way. The seating arrangemnet was one that i had never seen before and it was great, everyone had their own little cubby hole.

We landed in Hong Kong at 7pm on sunday the 17th took a train from the landing gate to the main terminal and then a cab to the hotel.

A view from the room looking from Kowloon across the Hong Kong harbor.
view from the room

kowloon kitty
This is where i hang out in Kowloon
yuppie salon?
My Dude
Don't mess with this dude.
i'm ripped, fuck you

Monday, October 18, 2010

ROAD TRIP part 4 (the cars)

in the past few years it has become increasingly obvious that despite what i have tried to tell myself, i am in fact a "car guy". When we left for this trip the only car related stuff that was planned was to meet up with some Citroen friends on the last two days of the trip for a nice picnic in Copake. What i realized the third day in to the trip, I can't help but find interesting cars everywhere.

car #1
?1963? Buick Electra 225
buick electra

cars #2,3 and 4
a terrible accident (a volvo, alpha and a saab)
terrible accident
i'm sure the swedes survived but what about the poor Italians?

car #5
never seen one of these before, SAAB 96

cars #6, 7, 8 and 8.5
a couple minis an austin healy sprite and what's left of some mgs
we found these cars outside of "rasta ranch" half winery half headshop on seneca lake.

Cars #9 and 10
friends in the woods
Found these guys hiding out near the farm sanctuary
cars in the woods

car #11
got me a chrysler, as big as a WHALE
look at that amazing hood ornament that just didn't want to be liberated from the rest of the car.
car #12
i don't know what it was but it's mostly rust now, the bumper gave up a long time ago
cars in the woods
car #13
a late model transporter in niagara
a peel trident replica
peel trident
car #15
zebra jeep
zebra jeep
car # 16
1983 audi quatro, we travelled together for a few hundred miles
beetle and audi
car #17

AND THEN.... the Citroens

a 2cv parked on the edge of the abyss
Copake 10-10-10 party
If a d falls in the woods...
citroen ds
citroen ds
citroen ds

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ROAD TRIP part 3

Our second day at the Farm Sanctuary B&B the weather was kind of crappy so we wanted to find something to do inside. We headed up to Corning to visit the museum of glass... it was awesome.

the obligatory chihuly
corning museum of glass
some other art glass
corning museum of glass
now we are getting somewhere
corning museum of glass
now this is cool, glass from an animal
corning museum of glass
yes!!! real nerd stuff
corning museum of glass
corning museum of glass

how to make a milk bottle

step 1 you put the stuff in the thing
molding a milk bottle
step 2 press on the stuff
molding a milk bottle
step 3 now you have a thing
molding a milk bottle
step 4 put the thing in a different thing and blow
molding a milk bottle
molding a milk bottle

wow, that was exciting, only way to top that is to blow some glass of our own.

corning museum of glass
tam blowing glass

here are the things we blew
blown glass

more photos here

Monday, October 11, 2010


Day 2 in Watkins glen we checked in to our cabin at Farm Sanctuary, an awesome place that rescues abused and escaped industrial farm animals. The cabins are great, clean, warm and comfortable (a huge upgrade from the Seneca lodge that we stayed in our first night in the Glen)

A view from the porch
farm sanctuary

You can tour the farm and hang out with the animals, pitch in and help if you are so inclined. Aside from rescue, the main goal of the sanctuary is to educate and promote compassionate vegan living. The Continental breakfast is a great place to meet other visitors and eat some great vegan baked goods.

this is "rock goat" he likes his rock.
farm sanctuary

farm sanctuary

Some big ass pigs
farm sanctuary

The urinal
cock urinal

More photos from the trip here