Monday, September 19, 2011


some big news today...
ice scream man will exist as an actual item that you can buy...

until then...

more melted nasty things

Thursday, September 15, 2011

i like to melt stuff

I'm still working on the Ice Scream Man, the updated properly scaled models have just been completed. I have to clean them up and get them ready to mold. I'll spend more time discussing that later. In the Meantime, here's something else cool.

I'm not usually interested in violent imagery but after sculpting the Ice Scream man i have become addicted to melting things. in particular i really like the idea of melting violent, angry, mean things in to gooey, gelatinous loveable puddles. Maybe it's something about taking away their power and making them soft... or maybe it's just fun.

i have a handful of these sculpts in progress right now but here is the first that i actually produced.

still a little violent but what about in some fun colors?

once again i am completely unaware of the size of my own monster hands. in the case of the cone i guess i underestimated the size of my mitts, this time i overestimated. Gorilla hands strike again

Saturday, September 10, 2011

too big!!!

When i was doing the original sculpt for the ice scream skull i wasn't concerned with scale. The sculpting software works with units called vauxals which are similar to a 3-d vector...or infinitely scalable.

when i built the cones i used  a different software that is more reliant on actual measurements and made a guess on the overall size after a few rough calculations using my own hand for refrence.

I finally went out and picked up an actual ice cream cone for reference to start proper scaling for a new model. turns out i didn't exactly factor in the right percentages to make up for the fact that i have gorilla hands.

I was about 30% too big, i expected some variance but not quite this much. IMG_20110910_101558.jpgIMG_20110910_101547.jpg
I also recieved a very exciting delivery last week. a rotational molder!!!
Now i'll be able to make my little dudes in small production volumes on my own.
I'm a long way from being ready to start production but i'm still pretty excited.
The next step is to make a wax prototype of a true scale ice scream man and experiment to find the most viable way of producing my own molds for use with the rotational molder.
outside emco

here's a video of the molder doing it's spiny thing.