Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012

This Thursday you'll finally be able to get your hands on the Brutherford X myplastic heart NYCC 2012 bite size multi pack that i mentioned in my last post. Available exclusively at myplasticheart booth #3313 at NYCC 2012. As a set they’re $52 (special NYCC only price) or you can grab one for $20, limited to only 50 sets.I will be on hand for a signing of the pieces Friday at 12pm.

Vin and MPH have been amazing supporters of what i've been doing with the Ice Scream Man since the beginning so when he asked me if we could do a NYCC bite size exclusive i was all "HELL YEAH!". At first it was one flavor, green tea, then he realized how cool it would be to do an Asian flavor inspired multipack so he asked if we could add red bean and make it speckled, once again i was all "HELL YEAH!". Then a little while later he realized we had better just go for broke and add the black sesame flavorway too.  This time i was all "ok dude, this is getting a little crazy" ... SIKE!!! ...  i was all "HELL YEAH"

When it came time design packaging i was concerned with my own incredibly western point of view and i was a bit scared that i wouldn't be able to achieve the level of sophistication the pieces deserved. (basically i was afraid i'd just end up pasting a bunch corny of dragons, Buddhas and koi fish all over the boxes). I voiced my concerns to Vin and he said he'd handle it... i think the reulting packaging is ACES!!! and exactly what i wouldn't have been able to come up with on my own.

Earlier this year when it first crossed my mind that i might be able to do a piece for one of the Comic Cons it popped in to my head that it would be really cool to incorporate a cone wrapper as a platform for some graphics that referenced vintage comic books as a nod to the origin of the shows. Then as a goof i worked up a domino mask.  Originally i thought the Ice Scream man was probably a bad guy, then i thought he looked a lot like Waldo but that all changed after the phrase "Dork Knight" somehow entered my psyche.

Comic inspired Ice Scream Men was a hard sell, possibly because it was a triple stacked reference of ice cream, skulls and comics that bordered on meta nonsense and partly because i probably sounded like a crazy person while trying to explain it to people. I had no takers for SDCC and it was looking like no takers for NYCC either, then the good people at Clutter Magazine offered me the opportunity to put whatever i wanted in their booth (that's way too much trust) I knew i could forge ahead with THE DORK KNIGHT.
 Limited to just 30 pieces The Dork Knight edition is full size (7.5" tall ) and will sell for $110(tax included) available at NYCC via the Clutter Magazine booth #3004 starting Thursday October 11th.

I will be on hand at the Clutter Booth for a signing on Friday, October 12th from 4 pm to 7 pm and on Sunday, October 14th from 12 Noon to 5 pm. I

I will also make a few pieces available on the brutherford webstore on saturday afternoon for anyone who needs one but can't make it to NYCC.

Last but not least we have the Mega Bling Ice Scream King halloween mask. 5 pieces will be on hand at the Designer Toy Awards ceremony on Saturday night. These are not the cheap Chinese masks you remember from the 1980's these are brand new Cheap American masks from 2012 complete with toxic paint and tetanus inducing staples to hold the crappy elastic strap on. Although they are completely wearable they are not what i would call "comfortable". These are mostly for people who are too cool for school and wouldn't be caught dead putting any real effort in to a Halloween costume but still want to show they've got that Halloween spirit. This is a good mask for wearing on the back or side of your head for giving of that super cool-guy vibe. If you do prefer to wear it proper, please note there is no lower jaw on this mask so it leaves your mouth totally accessible to that strong alcoholic beverage you'll be carrying around all night.

There might even be some non bling versions available at www.brutherford.com very soon .

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's been about 1 year

 Tomorrow October 3rd i will finally be releasing my Melt knuckles along with the silver and gold Ice Scream Pendant. One of which had a relatively long lead time and one that was a recent concept whipped out in a single day.

Anyone who has been following my work  has likely seen images of the melt knuckles just as early as they saw images of the Ice Scream Man. There was a time a little over a year ago when i was developing a lot of images of melted stuff... Ice cream, skulls, knuckles, grenades, bombs, switchbades, guns, all sorts of ill melted shit.

 The Ice Scream Man was the first piece i tackled as a production project, it has been an absolute blast and i am continually humbled by the support i receive for this piece. It has also been an incredible learning experience in materials, process and even customer relations. This single design has taken up way more time than i could have ever expected and that is not a complaint... i am incredibly thankful that it has been successful enough to allow me to pay off my initial investment in machinery and fund the purchase of more. For the record, Brutherford Industries now has 2 rotocasting machines, 1 small injection molding machine, 1 thermo-forming machine, a complete vacuum/pressure casting setup and a bunch of other crap. 

All of this brings me to my point, it's about time to show you all what i've been using that stuff for and release some new product. Tomorrow at noon EST CMYK Melt Knuckles will be available for $40 a piece and Silver and Gold Ice Scream Pendants will be available for $75 at Brutherford.com

If you've been paying attention you might also know that we are releasing an Asian inspired 3 pack of Bite Size Ice Scream Men at NYCC with My Plastic Heart. Green Tea, Red Bean and Black Sesame, I'll be at booth 3313 on Friday October 12th from 12-1pm for a signing. If you're in town come on out and boost my ego a little more you might even find that i've got some other wacky shit for sale that you just cant live without !?!?!?