Sunday, March 18, 2012

A long wait for a long update

For those of you following along, we have been swamped over the past few weeks. Tamara and I both still have full time jobs that we go to 5 days a week so we are operating Brutherford as a 2nd full time job. Due to the success of the Ice Scream Man, we have had to focus on production, packing and shipping far more than we expected at this stage. I was hopeful that more projects would be rolling out by now but i am very grateful for the incredible response we've gotten on the one product we are actually shipping.

Speaking of... The mint Ice Scream Man is now in stock, and ready to ship.

So far we have shipped Ice Scream Men to 30+ states, and 9 countries and i think the Ice Scream Man that is furthest from home is one that now lives in New Zealand.

Aside from Brutherford Industries, you can now purchase ice scream men from:
Rotofugi in Chicago
MyPlasticHeart in New York
Dragatomi in Sacramento
Playlounge in London
Atom Plastic in Bassano Del Grappa, Italy

 I have made a lot of progress on melting knuckles, the process and mold configuration is finalized i just need to build more cavities so i can reproduce them efficiently.

One of the things that has pushed back the timeline on the knuckles is an overwhelming request for a mini-figure follow up to the Ice Scream Man. My original plan was to distinguish the mini version from his big brother by unifying the cone and base and producing in a single color, i also wanted to the whole thing to have a matte texture.
Tiny terror 
I think it made more sense in my head than in realty because i wasn't quite as happy with the final product as i thought I'd be. I reworked the pieces and came up with something i like a lot better

The other issue that has pushed back new projects is that i have a few orders for exclusives flavors!!!
I'm not going to announce the partners or release dates yet but i assure you they're going to be awesome.
Isn't there some big event happening in July?

Here's a quick peek at another project i'm trying to get some forward motion on. I'm trying to capture my logo in plastic! It's huge and i think pretty awesome so far but it has been interesting translating the proportions of the 2-dimensional graphic in to a physical piece. As you can see the exageration of features is much more pronounce in the physical piece but i think i like it. It's a little goofy, a little creepy and a lot of fun. Next i need to work on the execution of the key.
I am your dentist and I get off on the pain I inflict...

I've also entered a sort of diary of the birth of the Ice Scream Man and Brutherford Industries in the Instructables Make It Real Challenge. The Grand Prize is a pretty kick ass 3-d printer, I can't tell you how much having a 3-d printer of my own would increase the number and frequency of absurd objects that i'd unleash on this world. So... like... even though the rules clearly sate that winners will be selected by judges there is a "vote" button, it might still be cool if you wanted to go register and vote for me?

Ice Scream Man on Instructables