Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's been about 1 year

 Tomorrow October 3rd i will finally be releasing my Melt knuckles along with the silver and gold Ice Scream Pendant. One of which had a relatively long lead time and one that was a recent concept whipped out in a single day.

Anyone who has been following my work  has likely seen images of the melt knuckles just as early as they saw images of the Ice Scream Man. There was a time a little over a year ago when i was developing a lot of images of melted stuff... Ice cream, skulls, knuckles, grenades, bombs, switchbades, guns, all sorts of ill melted shit.

 The Ice Scream Man was the first piece i tackled as a production project, it has been an absolute blast and i am continually humbled by the support i receive for this piece. It has also been an incredible learning experience in materials, process and even customer relations. This single design has taken up way more time than i could have ever expected and that is not a complaint... i am incredibly thankful that it has been successful enough to allow me to pay off my initial investment in machinery and fund the purchase of more. For the record, Brutherford Industries now has 2 rotocasting machines, 1 small injection molding machine, 1 thermo-forming machine, a complete vacuum/pressure casting setup and a bunch of other crap. 

All of this brings me to my point, it's about time to show you all what i've been using that stuff for and release some new product. Tomorrow at noon EST CMYK Melt Knuckles will be available for $40 a piece and Silver and Gold Ice Scream Pendants will be available for $75 at Brutherford.com

If you've been paying attention you might also know that we are releasing an Asian inspired 3 pack of Bite Size Ice Scream Men at NYCC with My Plastic Heart. Green Tea, Red Bean and Black Sesame, I'll be at booth 3313 on Friday October 12th from 12-1pm for a signing. If you're in town come on out and boost my ego a little more you might even find that i've got some other wacky shit for sale that you just cant live without !?!?!?

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