Tuesday, October 19, 2010

planes trains and automobiles

On Saturday October 16th i got up at 4am and drove to the long term parking lot at Newark airport. I got on a bus and headed for the terminal, i took a 5 hour flight to LA where i had a 3 hour layover. I have never been to lax before but the terminal arrangement required that we take a bus from the terminal to the plane. Next a 15 hour flight on cthay pacific to hong kong, the plane was actually pretty amazing and i slept most of the way. The seating arrangemnet was one that i had never seen before and it was great, everyone had their own little cubby hole.

We landed in Hong Kong at 7pm on sunday the 17th took a train from the landing gate to the main terminal and then a cab to the hotel.

A view from the room looking from Kowloon across the Hong Kong harbor.
view from the room

kowloon kitty
This is where i hang out in Kowloon
yuppie salon?
My Dude
Don't mess with this dude.
i'm ripped, fuck you

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