Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's cold outside...I'm making a thing

I'm going to keep posting stuff here. I AM!
Here's something i am working on just for kicks.
I am modeling in sensable freeform

ice creep base platform front
We start of with a somewhat familiar platform.

ice creep fur
Sensable alows you to use a graphic image to create actual 3-d geometry.
the simple explanation is that you assign a height to your darkest tone (black) let's say 1.5mm and your lightest tone (white) equals 0. you then paint your model with this pattern and the software is able to calculate the surface rise based on the gradients in your image. Pretty cool!
ice creep base texture front
here is the model after the texture is applied.
ice creep base face front
making room for a face
ice creep base face detail front
make it creepy
ice creep base face detail angled

ice creep color1


here's a previous weirdo

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