Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ni hao my dudes

i am in china again, 16 hour flight blah blah.
i was in Hong Kong for tomb sweeping day, a national holiday, as the name suggests it's a day for people to go clean the graves of their ancestors.

since it was a holiday i got to see something i have never seen in hong kong or mainland before... vintage cars.
mini in hk 1
mini in hk 2
i actually saw a third mini but wasn't able to get a photo.

i met up with some friends and basically spent the day looking at silly shit.


THE orson welles
believe it or not
scary monster
china posse
stopped for some cofee
bunny crema

I later met up with another friend for dinner and had a pretty low key day/night just trying to adjust to the time difference.

Got up in the morning and headed in to the mainland to meet my dude luke.
we had two great meetings and at about 6pm i got hit with the craziest jet lag i have ever felt, i was dead on my feet, my fingers were all tingly and i was starting to hallucinate...seriously. we checked in to our hotel at 6pm, i took one look at the bed and i was down for 8 hours... here i sit at 3:30am wide awake and typing.

the full flickr set for the trip is here i expect blogger and facebook to stop working as i get further in to the country but i have never had a problem uploading to flickr so that should continue to get updated.

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