Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quick update.


The ami6 was featured in the New York international Auto Show.
The Lemay Auto Museum partnered with Teeny Tiny Productions to put on a showing of micro and mini cars at the 2011 New york international auto show.

It was a lot of fun to participate, one of the highlights was getting to drive the ami through the javitz center while the show was being constructed another great moment was getting to chek out Jeff Lane's Peel P50 .

se!!! i fit just fine

another completely wacky car owned by Jeff Lane

My next car, Velorex... 3 wheels, bicycle tubing wrapped in canvas with a motorcycle engine strapped to it.
velorex made from canvas and bicycle tubing

Tamara picked out her new car too.
tam and her new car

Some Coverage from Hemmings

New York Times

A nice collection of photos from

my photos from the event here.

Then on May 1st we met a bunch of Citroen friends at Anneke and Japp's annual Citroen gathering. Their driveway is a sheer cliff face, it took three tries and to get the ami up the hill but we finally made after abandoning a bunch of dead weight.
The view from the top made all the trouble worth it.

i can see my house from here

a bunch of a's

who's the fairest of them all?

more updates soon on the work i am doing getting ready for the 2011 rendezvous

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