Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rendezvous 2011

This past weekend was the annual Citroen Rendezvous in Saratoga Springs, NY. An amazing event organized by amazing people.

In preparation for the event Tamara and I made some Citroen soaps and shipped them up to the Springs Motel and asked the owner to sneak the bars in to rooms before the guests arrived. We also made a couple hundred extras to sell at the event, we sold out in no time and donated the proceeds to Drive She Said.

the molds
soap molds
the soaps
some close ups
ami soap
truckette soap
2cv soap
the labels
soap label
the sales table

Tam and i brought along our parents it was a great weekend with both friends and family. We borrowed Kim's Ami8 so the Ami6 would have company on the drive up. The 8 was piloted by a first time citroen driver (my mother) and the two are now best friends.

I'm going to go ahead and say it... these are the two greatest cars that were in attendance.
the two greatest car at the showI'd say third place was a tie between Greg Long's Red DS cabriolet and Carter's 1955 truckette, i saw Greg's car last year and although i recognized it's beauty i didn't quite  appreciate it as much as i did this year SINCE GREG LET ME DRIVE IT!!!
two beauties

The Longs are apparently  a family that appreciates esoteric automobilia, Greg's brother John brought an amazing Bowlus trailer. Here's a link to John's site about Bowlus trailers.
My favorite detail on the trailer is the handle on the back, someone would stand on the rear bumper and hang on to the handle to help move the weight (a massive 1100lbs.)around as you were trying to mount the hitch.

I guess the rest of these cars didn't suck too much.
big and little
ds break with awesome blinds
traction lineup
ds lineup
sm lineup

look at all these amis

the rest of my photos can be seen here

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