Saturday, September 10, 2011

too big!!!

When i was doing the original sculpt for the ice scream skull i wasn't concerned with scale. The sculpting software works with units called vauxals which are similar to a 3-d vector...or infinitely scalable.

when i built the cones i used  a different software that is more reliant on actual measurements and made a guess on the overall size after a few rough calculations using my own hand for refrence.

I finally went out and picked up an actual ice cream cone for reference to start proper scaling for a new model. turns out i didn't exactly factor in the right percentages to make up for the fact that i have gorilla hands.

I was about 30% too big, i expected some variance but not quite this much. IMG_20110910_101558.jpgIMG_20110910_101547.jpg
I also recieved a very exciting delivery last week. a rotational molder!!!
Now i'll be able to make my little dudes in small production volumes on my own.
I'm a long way from being ready to start production but i'm still pretty excited.
The next step is to make a wax prototype of a true scale ice scream man and experiment to find the most viable way of producing my own molds for use with the rotational molder.
outside emco

here's a video of the molder doing it's spiny thing.

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  1. Ryan, send me an email about this!! Production where? Sales how? This is great! Melting brass knuckles genius ! Want to put on blog! Andy