Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brutherford Industries LLC

This is an update that's been in the works for some time now.

After many years of working in design and manufacturing it is clear that i am most comfortable in the areas where the two overlap. Outside of my full time job, (which i am still devoted to in both spirit and hourly commitments) i have continually been working on my own personal designs AND collecting outdated, abandoned and misunderstood tools and machinery.

It only makes sense that i now return that machinery to its intended life and use it to mass produce my own goods. I am going to focus on low volume limited runs of fun  objects that make people smile, some will be my own original designs some will be from the fantastic network of artists and designers that i have met over the past 12 years. It's also possible that there are great collaborations ahead with artists i havn't met yet. I'm not really sure how to identify what will be the unifying theme of this project but the simplest explanation is that it will be a collection of goods curated and manufactured by Tamara and I.

This will all happen under the name Brutherford Industries, the website can be found at www.brutherford.com and is currently a place holder accepting signups for our mailing list. The plan is to go live with sales sometime in December. Our first item for sale will be a vinyl toy that some of you may already be familiar with, designed by myself and packaged with an amazing limited edition print by none other than the fabulous Tamara Petrosino.

I present to you you

Where does the Ice Scream Man project stand today?
I have built  test molds, run a few batches, found a few adjustments needed to be made, corrected the original sculpt and should be able to finish production molds and start production early next month. We are now finalizing the packaging (a full color box with more artwork from my amazing wife) and should have that ordered soon. The Ice Scream Man will be available through www.brutherford.com and a few other retailers each carrying their own limited colorway (flavor).

We have more toy designs up our sleeves as well as some proper functional items. We will not be limited to plastic goods we have projects lined up in glass, ceramic, metal, wood and various soft goods. Join the mailing list, stay tuned, and get ready for the fun.
-ryan AKA Brutherford

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