Monday, December 12, 2011

Almost There!

So... i've had my head down...locked in the factory... and here are the results.

The dishes are done man...
signed and numbered
Signed and numbered

the gang

-The inventory for the strawberry edition of 125  Ice Scream Men is done.

-The package artwork is done and designed by Tamara Petrosino, the dies and printing are being finalized by Kelly Rutherford

-The website is up and partially functional, designed by David Ayllon programmed by Brad Johnson.  They make a fantastic team even though they've never met.

If I am you are lucky i'll be able to take some orders and ship something before the new year.


  1. Loving these SO much. I especially love seeing the process of creation. ICE SCREAM MAN! MOM GIVE ME A MONEY!

  2. really really want, this is such a cool figure. nice job