Friday, June 22, 2012

Bite Size Update

It took a little longer than expected but we are finally wrapping production on the BITE SIZE Ice Scream Men. I'll be spending the weekend packing out and if all goes according to plan we will start the sale next Friday June 29th at 3pm est. Orders will begin shipping the following week.

This is a blind box release available in individual units for $15 each or in  sealed cases of 12 for $165.

There are only 45 cases available and every single Ice Scream Man was made by my own little hands.

Spiteful Strawberry, Villainous Vanilla, Malevolent Minstachio, Badass Brown, BOMB POP, Beelzebanana, Oil Slick, Grotesque Gold, Blackberry, Grape Ice, Aqua Glow, Strawberry Ice, Ice and the Super-rare-mega-awesome, never before seen golden ticket chase.

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