Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jinxed Munnyworld Custom Show

Tamara and i were asked to participate in a custom toy show hosted by Jinxed and organized by Chris Holt . Here are the pieces we each created.

Crepundia Felis Monogrammus by Brutherford
Finishing touches!!!

Cataver by Tamarapants
@tamarapants Made this TOO!!! She calls him Cataver.

Both Pieces started as a 7"  Kidrobot Trikky .

Tamara's piece is called "Cataver", this is a character she has been sketching for a long time now and the Trikky platform was a perfect base for executing the concept in 3d. She started her process with a pencil layout then heated the vinyl and cut away the portions where she wanted to expose a skeleton.
What is @tamarapants working on?
Many of the pieces that had been cut away were then recessed in to the piece and glued in place to give the illusion of an underlying secondary surface. A boney tail and other small details were then added with polymer clay and the piece was finished with acrylic paints.
My piece was a slightly different process. I want to start by saying that I love the idea of using a platform as an inspiration for a new piece. I enjoy custom toys that are purely graphic as well as those that are sculptural. For me it's fun to look at a sculpted custom and be able to see the artists impetus and process although sometimes platforms are so transformed that the base part is completely hidden or totally removed as a reference. It is that last bit that inspired this piece. I wanted to see if i could literally completely remove the physical pressence of any of the base platform yet still maintain a very literall relationship between my final piece and the initial platform.

I'm a Vinyl Paleontologist
 The skeletal construction was designed and built to fit within the given frame of the Trikky platform. The piece was constructed using various techniques starting with an 360 degree image capture of the raw platform.
Then a 3d model was constructed to those shapes and proportions. The next step was to 3d print the parts many of which were further carved and sculpted by hand. The individual parts were painted with monsterkolor paints and a patina was added with a few layers of brown and black shoe polish. The framework for this piece is soldered brass, it took two days to construct, mount and securely fasten all the pieces in place. The piece is housed in a glass bell jar with a hand turned base and custom dedication plaque.
So if you are in the Philadelphia area on August 4th, come out and check out the opening.